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Topographic surveys are used to map the topography of a piece of land, this can be done using various methods but the most common is through the use of a total station or theodolite.

Measurements taken will produce a 3d point in space or a coordinate, these coordinates are then linked to produce an accurate site plan with levels, contours and annotations to describe the features found on site.

There are many benefits of an accurate site plan especially at the early stages of a project, some of which are:

  • A saving in both time and money as the plan can be circulated between the many different consultants who may be involved in the project.

  • A reduction in costly mistakes that can arise from unseen issues.

  • A site plan can help to build a clear picture of the lay of the land, from which simple cut and fill calculations can be made helping to give a far better understanding of the cost of earthworks before the project has commenced.

For examples of our topographic surveys please follow the link below.

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